July 10, 2006

Girls Day Out!

Well we are home safe and sound, and had the most wonderful trip! We went waterskiing at Cultus Lake, mountain biking at Whistler (I only crashed once!) took a tour of the Brodie bike headquarters, went for fish and chips TWICE to the Crab Shack, which is apparently actually called the Crab Shop but I don't care, and one of my favorite days had to be when my mom, my sister and I all went out for a girls afternoon. We started with lunch at Lynden's Cup of Tea It is the most adorable little place in the world! They serve all kinds of fancy teas, served in your own pot with a cozy, little sandwiches- some on croissants and some cut into little tea sandwiches, homemade soup, and scones for dessert. Each little nook is decorated differently and the service is fantastic, they just pamper you. We sat in the Hydrangea room and just loved it. Then we went to a little shop run by a Vietnamese couple for pedicures! My mom and Sharon both had the woman do their feet and the man did mine. I have to say she did a much better job than he did! I had to take the polish and fix the paint job myself!! We relaxed and really enjoyed the pampering though. It was a great afternoon with 2 great girls. I would have liked another week out there but it's good to be home (even though my house is now a disaster!) Time to unpack!


  1. Ummmm.....sounds like fun stuff, but I think you are confused, the "Crab Shack" is that hotel on Hastings.

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