July 2, 2006

Vancouver must hate Canada

Fireworks have been banned? BANNED? Ok this is the same city that holds Vancouver Celebration of Light Fireworks Competition for weeks on end every summer, with entries from countries all over the world, and they BAN fireworks for Canada Day? Hmmm. Ok, I understand Vancouver is an arid wasteland where one spark from a firework could send the dry fields up in flames..... oh wait, um....??? Anyway, Canada Day was just as eventful watching Joe suck up nitricoxide (for healing purposes of course) from a tank that looked like he could strap it to his back and fly at mach speeds. But no fireworks.


  1. What'd you do instead of fireworks?

  2. We went to the North Shore and spent the evening with our friends. Joe was sick so he was sucking back this special nitricoxide stuff, trying to get better. He had to do it every 4 hours so we were stuck there. It was fun though, we just hung out, caught up with each other, and laughed a lot. It was a great Canda Day evening!

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