August 2, 2006

"all growed up"

Well I've done it, I've grown up. Tomorrow I set off on my first camping trip without my parents, and with my husband. In my growing up years camping has always been a family affair, with really my mom and dad taking care of everything! Not that I didn't appreciate what preparing for camping entailed, I just never did it all. Of course I helped pack up the truck and always the boat, but besides packing my own bag with shorts, T shirts, swimming gear and a few Teen magazines, the rest was left up to my parents. But today... today I had to plan meals, pack first-aid, gather pots and washing bowls, towels and garbage bags, pack tents and matresses, fill propane tanks and get out extra cash. I'm excited to go camping, it's something I've always loved. I'm excited to be grown up too, doing things I've seen my parents do. It's a funny thing that growing up.


  1. Someday, I'll be all growed up too! Hope your camping trip was fun :)

  2. Your an old grandma woman.


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