October 30, 2006


Three times yesterday, THREE TIMES I sat next to someone that found it necessary and acceptable to crack their knuckles. I'm sorry but you might as well be sitting there picking your nose and eating it because honestly, they are equally revolting habits. My stomach churns and I want to throw up.... and next time I just might, it seems like anything goes.


  1. So, stop sitting next to Neil?

  2. What about clipping my nails?

  3. Was it Max? Max has a problem with his joints and will require surgery by the time he is 12. Cracking is the only way to relieve the pain. Your lack of compassion toward those with joint problems is worse than racism. I suggest you see your bishop.

    I sat next to a lady who clipped her nails at church a few weeks ago. And the other week a guy on the bus pulled off a pimple and threw it on the seat beside him. Beat that.

  4. I crack my knuckles. It's such a natural thing to me that I don't always realize that I am doing it. I know it grosses some people out... but oh well, I can't help it.


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