November 7, 2006

You can have it

I hate it. It may be a one-stop-shop, all purpose store but if you can't get any help to find what it is you're looking for, it can be as all purpose as it wants, it doesn't do you any good. From what I can tell the staff consists of 14 year old boys that are more happy to flirt with each other than provide any kind of customer service. That is if you can find any staff to begin with! The store seems to be crawling with red shirts, but to chase one down is another story. When you finally do track one down, he'll just turn to you with his acne prone face and squeak through his braces that he has no idea what you are talking about, he's never heard of that before. But don't you worry~ he'll get on that trusty hand held radio of his and find someone who can help you.... if you've got another 20 minutes to wait for him. And what a bonus, after you've spent 45 minutes of your time, and 50 dollars from your wallet, they will hand you your receipt and 10 cents in Canadian Tire Money to entice you back. Oh goody, in 25 years when I've finally collected enough I'll come back and buy that set of windshield wipers I've always wanted.


  1. So...wait a minute, are you implying that Canadian Tire is full of gay boys? Is that why I always feel like a piece of meat when I walk in to that place?

  2. Rant of the week. I'm glad she got this one off her chest, cause she was woooorked up for a while there.


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