November 18, 2006


I took a stroll over to because I heard it was a fun site that would match your face with celebrities that look like you. Just as I was instructed to I uploaded a head shot of myself and waited for the results of my fabulous celebrity look-a-likes. The first few were girls I had never heard of and didn't really think I looked much like, but then...... THEN.... came my match.... by 68% I look like Owen Wilson!

Can you even imagine what celebrity match I would get if that dog hadn't chewed off half my nose?!


  1. I think you are the best looking Owen Wilson look-alike. Even if your noses do match, I think your hair looks better.

  2. that's sweet. I did it and I matched to some asian girl named Bonnie Pink? never heard of her, but weird. Matched my girlfriend Kylie, and she got Owen Wilson too, and down the list she got Kelly Osbourne. Freaky!!!

  3. on 2 different pictures I matched over 60% with David Beckham. I think he is hot. Right?

  4. I'm the first one to point out that your nose is a train wreck, as is Owen Wilson's. But his nose look way more like a penis that yours. It reminds me of that shirt from "teen wolf" You know the one I'm talking about??


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