December 30, 2006

You say it's your birthday....

...well it's my birthday too ya! And since I recently had the opportunity to experience exactly what it's like to bring a child into this world (see Vicky's blog), I have so much more appreciation for my mother doing this for me 24 years ago today. Thanks Mom. I don't have much planned for today but it's my birthday so I get what I want. I wish this happened more than once a year.


  1. Happy birthday! You're so young. My goodness.

  2. Your so very welcome, Michelle!
    Just remember--I did it for you
    so you have to do it for my
    grandchildren! That's the deal!!

    Love Mom

  3. Oops! I made a spelling mistake
    in the last one. Can you spot it?
    Good thing I'm not an English Major--just an aging Grandma.

    Me again


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