April 14, 2007

Another Hit

Neil and I have been sick all week, it's been awesome. We've had fever, chills, nausea and vomiting and stuffy noses with nasal congestion. Really, it's been so great. Lucky the only symptom lingering is the stuffy nose and nasal congestion. A friend at work told me how to combat this without use of drugs, (which I would now be completely dependent on).
Sooooo, we have been snorting salt water all week. It's a pretty awesome sight to see us in our bathroom passing the syringe back and forth, shooting up salt water. We've had a few good laughs about it, which usually just ends up with the water running back out our noses, or worse~ down our throats. But the important thing is it totally helps! Within a few minutes of a couple good hits we are breathing clear and feeling great. It's my new favorite remedy, I just had to share.


  1. That's a great image. Thanks! Glad you're feeling almost better.

  2. this is so old. get me up o date.


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