April 3, 2007

Best sister EVER!

I love old movies. I love the singing, I love the dancing, I love the romance, the humor, the beautiful dresses wrapped around tiny waists, the lighting and the make up~ I love everything about them. As a young girl my favorite movie was The Princess and the Pirate, a Bob Hope film. Through tragic circumstances my copy of this video was ruined and I've spent years looking to replace it. Well you can imagine my surprise and delight when I received a brand new DVD copy in the mail yesterday. My wonderful, darling, sweet and kind sister found a copy and sent it to me! Isn't she the best?! I am just thrilled!

Now if anyone wants to send me Kiss Me Kate I'd be (almost) just as delighted!


  1. Your Granny had a really good sleep last night knowing that you
    can finally forgive her! And, yes,
    your sister was very thoughtful to
    find it for you. So all is well
    and enjoy the show!

  2. I won't send you my copy of Kiss Me Kate but I'd be willing to loan it to you :)


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