February 2, 2009

Things I'm loving right now

Mini Eggs - I eat an offensive amount every year... mmmmm!

Listening to Porter call for Niles - "Ni-oh..... Ni-oh!" I can't get enough of it!

Making pancakes for my family in the morning. I used to hate pancakes until Vicky gave me a great recipe and told me to eat them with PB and homemade syrup - delish!

Going to bed early ... okay "early" - does 11:00 count?!

My jeans that actually fit. Yay, a pair I can't pull off still buttoned!

Conversations with Neil. We've had some really great ones lately, I love that boy.

My new hairspray - LaCoupe Volume Fix. It's got a strong hold and the smell makes me think of Mexico : )

Sometimes little pleasures can make a big difference.

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  1. oh, thats was a fun post!! I love mini eggs too.. dang them!


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