January 31, 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Like I mentioned it had been a while since I last blogged and now that I am using blogger again I can't help but be impressed by all the new and improved applications. While perusing through the gadgets I found one that especially caught my eye - "poll." If there is something I love it's taking a survey! And what a better time to survey the public opinion than when I have my own burning question!
In November I dyed my hair dark brown and now that my roots are showing and the color is fading I have to decide whether to dye it dark again or go back to the ahem... 'natural' blonde I have always been. I know, I know, it's trivial but let me know what you think! Humor me and vote and we'll see what happens. I've added a poll, and left out the third option - "I don't care about your stupid hair Michelle!" because come on... it's a poll.... on a blog... have some fun.


  1. Well, you are completely gorgeous either way-- how about some shade of red?!

  2. I love your blonde, and I love your brown.. but if you stay brown we could be sisters that look alike) you know brown hair-brown hair. Exnay the whole your short and little and I'm Tall and you have bluey green eyes and mine are hazel. whatever I think you should stay brown a little longer cuz once summer comes... your gonna wanna go BLONDE.. which is also sooo stinken cute as well... ok making no sense here am i? LOVE YOU!


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