April 2, 2009

Do you love me THIS much?

I am visiting in Vancouver at the moment and I have a friend out here who is a make-up artist. She is often off doing fabulous things with her fabulous life (Mariah Carey's back-up dancer's make-up, the make-up for celebrities at the Junos, or the make-up for some hot runway show in town) anyway, this week she was doing the make-up for Eva Avila who was opening for Beyonce. While doing Eva's make-up she was asked if she was going to stay for the show (backstage) and replied that no she had a friend in town and was going to visit her instead. She picked ME over being backstage at Beyonce! Now fabulous life or not, I still think backstage at a Beyonce concert is pretty cool - not her, she thought sitting in my mom's kitchen chatting with me was cool.

THAT'S cool.

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  1. Now that is a real friend. You are a lucky girl.


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