April 17, 2009

Peg City, as Neil calls it.

A post is long overdue so I thought I'd give a quick update and the excuses as to why I have been so absent.
We are leaving a week from tomorrow (eek!) for Winnipeg for 4 months and boy has there be a lot to do to get ready! We have a lady coming to live in our house for the summer so a lot of my days have been filled with cleaning out drawers, closets, and cupboards to make room for her things. (A side note - it's a strange feeling cleaning your house for someone else to come live in.... like does she really need to see how unkempt my kitchen cupboards are?!) Not to mention finishing odd jobs (hanging blinds, putting up bi-fold doors, FINALLY getting the second coat of paint on those touch-ups in the basement) that have been neglected.
The same day we leave I have a do at the exhibition where I will be selling my peek-a-boob's. To get ready for it I have made about 51 of them in the last 3ish weeks. That's like... I don't even know how many a day... but A LOT! (It's getting nice outside, you're going to want a cover, place an order today!) How's that for a shameless plug?
Because we will be gone all summer we are trying our darndest to fit in all kinds of family and friends and make sure we get some QT with those we love.
Anyway, this may not sound like a lot to you but with every day life happening (I didn't even mention Neil's new job!) on top of this it's been a little crazy around here.


  1. Yeah, it definately sounds that way! What are you guys going to Winnipeg for?

  2. We wish you good luck on your venture out east....but COME BACK!

  3. Wow! That is a lot! This past week I have been getting my house ready to sell, and I thought that was enough not to mention all your added extras, like actually have to pack everything, make a bazillion nursing covers and whatever else. WHy are you going to Winnipeg?


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