July 23, 2009

jive talkin'

I cracked up tonight when I put Porter's new bike jammas on him and he smiled and said "awesome!" It made me think of all the funny things he's been saying lately and how smart he is getting with his expanding vocabulary.

One of my favorites is when I hand something to him, or do something for him and he says "you're welcome!" I tell him "no, you say thank you, I say you're welcome," and he says "thank you, you're welcome."

Whenever he bumps into me or Niles or the coffee table he says "woops, sorry!"

In the morning he comes in and tugs on my blanket and says "Out! Out! Upstairs!"

When anything is found a little misplaced he calls it "silly" - "silly car," "silly Niles," "silly cup."

He calls his flip flops "hop tops" and LOVES to have them on.

Every day when Neil leaves for work he says "Daddy, work, gone!" That's after he's already told me Daddy went downstairs to shower.

I am enjoying him so much right now and love to have little conversations with him. I am constantly amazed at how much he knows and what he is picking up.


  1. oh, he's a cutie alright! I would love to hear him an Kymberly have a conversation. She cracks me up.

  2. Ah! I love him. I wish I could be hearing all this, I can't wait to see him again!! But I'm pretty sure he'll be like 29 years old by that time though, it's so far away!!

  3. So cute! Wow, he is such a good talker. Thanks for sharing, it made me smile

  4. Isn't is amazing to hear what they pick up! I love hearing Marshall talk too! They are just so darn cute, so small and trying to use all these new words!! We miss you guys!


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