February 1, 2010

My list

I came across a gal's blog where she had posted a few of the things that made her a good mom. I thought it was such a neat idea because I think a lot of us spend far too much time being critical of ourselves as mothers and focus on the things we aren't doing instead of the things we are. I decided I would make my own list of reasons why I think I am doing a good job with Porter and what makes me a great mom. I'd love to see other moms do this too, we all need a pat on our backs! Here's 10 reasons I'm a good mom:

1. I read to Porter daily. I read in funny voices, accents, whispers - anything to make it fun and interesting. We go to the library together and pick out new books, we love reading together.

2. I bake with Porter at least once a week.

3. I let Porter crack the eggs (his favorite part!) even if it means fishing out a few eggshells.

4. I take Porter to a different community program 3 mornings a week. It is good for us to get out and he loves to play with the toys and other kids. It's something I wanted to do and I'm actually doing it!

5. I let Porter splash me when he's in the tub, even if I'm wearing my glasses (and I HATE getting spots on my glasses...). He LAUGHS and LAUGHS and the little mess is always worth it.

6. I let Porter do things on his own even if I know I could do it better and faster. His favorite thing right now is "my try it" and he wants to do everything by himself. I'm learning patience but what's more important is him learning independence.

7. Porter says his own prayers every night. Even if he is too tired/grumpy/wiggly to get any scripture reading done I always make sure he at least says his prayers. Afterwards he often says "Jesus loves me?!" and I say "Yes, you bet He does!" I'm so grateful that at such a young age he knows that.

8. I don't let Porter get away with unnecessary messes. If he won't pick up his toys I take his hand in mine and together we pick up every last toy. I remember my mom doing this with me and I'd like to think it's why I appreciate such a tidy home now. Porter knows he needs to put his things away.

9. I get down on the floor and play with Porter. I get right in there with car noises, bike crashes and blocks building. He can get me to stop anything when he says "(insert activity name) with me?!" There's no way I could tell him no.

10. There is no shortage of hugs, kisses, snuggles, cuddles and tickles. I love nothing more than having that little boy in my arms or on my lap. He will never question whether or not his momma loves him.

Your turn!


  1. Thanks for the awesome idea Michelle!! You are an inspiration :) Although I don't have a blog to post it to, I'm definately gonna materialize my "list". I think its so important that we give ourselves a boost... afterall, we are raising God's precious gifts!
    xoxo to you and your sweet family!
    ~Amy Halvorson

  2. Aww You ARE such a good Mom!! Although I didn't need to read that to know it!! That is so cool that you bake with Porter once a week...we're lucky if I bake every other week!! haha! Good job girl! You make me want to be better!!

  3. What a wonderful list. You truly are such a good mommy and I know that without even any list. You can just tell.


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