January 29, 2010

I can have a crafty blog post too!

I like to look at those crafty blogs and admire the gals that do all that cute stuff but I usually just walk away feeling bad about myself because I'm not that clever or patient. I have been doing a bit of crafting and creating myself lately so I thought why not post about it and have a crafty blog of my own! Here are a few things I've been working on lately:

This is a baby blanket I made for our new baby (green cause we don't know if it's a XX or XY). It's a simple blanket but I'm really proud of myself because I had no idea how to do a mitered corner and I learned for this project.

At one of the programs we go to Porter has learned a little song called Slippery Fish so I thought how cute it would be to make him some little fishies to go along with the song. Each little fish gets eaten by the one just bigger than it until they are all inside the whale. They would be much cuter with faces and I had intended on giving them at least eyes but Porter has been playing with them and I haven't yet taken them away to finish them. They are so loved as is they may just end up face-less permanently.

I saw these little buddies on a blog and decided I must make Porter some, they are too cute! A friend and I got together and made 2 each, a couple for each of us. They took a little longer than we thought (we did make FOUR!) but it was worth it, Porter loves his "topato head."


  1. Where did you come from, Michelle? You didnt get this craftiness from your mother as you know that I am double thumbs and two left feet when it comes to crafts. All of these things and all of the other things you have made are so darn cute and I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  2. I LOVE those potato heads. I saw them on a blog somewhere once too, and planned to make some someday. Look at you getting all crafty and such.

  3. So cute!! I'm walking away feeling bad . . .

  4. ah i love them all! i am working on potato heads as we speak! LOL! love it!!!!

  5. Cute stuff Michelle!! Love the colors on your blanket!! :)

  6. Wow, nice job on all of them. I have always thought of you as crafty, funny how you don't think you really are.


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