March 31, 2010


We have had these 2 dressers in our garage for quite some time.

I have hated the dressers that were in our room for also quite some time.

So a couple weeks ago (the day before I had Rigby to be exact) we decided to pull these dressers out and refinish them. It actually went quite quickly and wasn't as difficult a job as I thought it was going to be. We took a sander to each of them and then spray painted them with primer and black paint. I loved using spray paint as it got into all the little nooks and was very quick to dry however I wouldn't use it for such a large project next time. We went through something like 9 cans of spray - a bit pricey. We added some new great hardware and voila - I am so happy with the results and so happy to have those other dressers out of my room.

AND... as an added bonus - my mom suggested I move the one cloth dresser down into the toy room for Porter to put all his toys in. I am SO thrilled with it! He can put all his toys in it and then close it for a neat and tidy look. I didn't take a picture of the before but picture a big red bucket OVERFLOWING with toys in a big heap. This is SO much tidier - yay!

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  1. Love the 'new' dressers. They look great


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