March 12, 2010

Quick Fix

Porter is really into his clothes right now, he loves to pick what to wear every morning and has a name for all his shirts. He wants to wear his "bike shirt," his "dino shirt," his "basketball shirt," etc. (I didn't say they were creative names!)

I was thinking it would be really fun for him to have a "big brother" shirt for when the baby comes and since I don't really have the time or desire to go out looking for one I decided to make one. I took a plain blue shirt that he usually just wears under things and with my (very) limited computer knowledge I created a little logo. I chose this font because not only is it adorable it is all squares which makes cutting it out very easy and doesn't leave any finicky unfinished edges on the letters. I printed it onto iron on transfer paper, cut it out, placed it back on the shirt and voila! Super cute!

I'm going to pack it in my hospital bag and he can put it on when he comes to meet his new little brother/sister!


  1. CUTE! Oh my heavens Michelle, you keep giving me ideas, projects to work on. I might have to make a "Big Sister", "Bigger Sister" and "Biggest Sister" set for my girls.

  2. SO CUTE!!! I love it!! Nice job big Mamma!!

  3. I LOVE this! You did such a cute job with such limited time and that makes it even better. Well done!

  4. Way to go, Michelle! You have far surpassed any expectations I had of you being crafty!!! When you
    were younger you were never interested in that kind of thing and look at you go now. YOU ARE
    AWESOME! That shirt you made is so darn cute and they boy you made who is wearing it is even way cuter! MOM

  5. SOOOOO cute!!!

  6. Nice job! So creative and cute


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