March 11, 2010

Reasons I should go into labor tonight

1. I am fat and sore and don't want to be pregnant for another minute.

2. I have been having all the glamorous tell tale signs that a woman's body is preparing for labor. At least my body is considering the idea!

3. It is no longer the 10th - nobody wants to have their baby on an ICKY old boyfriend's birthday.

4. My rocker recliner arrived today and has taken up residence in the baby/Porter's room and is ready to start rocking.

5. My peek-a-boob is done, my baby wrap is done and my baby bouncy chair is done. I don't really know what more I need.

6. I had an awesome sleep last night and have felt really good all day. I definitely have the strength and energy for hours of labor. Yeah.

7. I could be in and out of the hospital by Sunday so we, or at least Neil, could still go hear Elder Bednar speak. I'm sure I'm going to screw that up for us.

8. Betty Lou has Fridays off.

9. I told myself I was going to will this baby out by the 12th - that day is tomorrow.

Let's get this party started!

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  1. Hope it happens soon for you! Good luck with everything! Can't wait to hear the news!


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