April 29, 2010

Hoodie Update

First of all, is it hoody or hoodie? I never know.

I agreed with all of you and decided I would HATE the hoodie every time I wore it and that I might as well buy a new one because I really did love it so much. So, I called Aritzia, told them my SOB story and asked if they had any yellow hoodies in my size in stock. The girl said yes but they may not be the same shade of yellow as last summer as they are always changing their colors except for the standard black and white. I had her put one aside and hoped it was the same shade. She called it "light lemon" and I could see that fitting.

I walked into Aritzia and immediately saw the yellow hoodies. SADLY, they are not the same shade. This one is not "light lemon," it is "washed-out-yellow-because-I-laundered-it-with-something-green-or-maybe even-blue." NOT CUTE.

I went to the front and looked at the one the gal had put aside for me and sure enough it wasn't the right color. The right size, but that didn't do me any good.

I'm still hoping that somehow they'll get that shade of yellow back this summer but the gal told me not to count on it, they don't repeat lines.



  1. I'm so sorry! I was sure light lemon would have been the right color. Do they not have any other colors you like?

  2. what about ebay or kijiji?

  3. That is sad! :( I hate it when stores change their colors!!

  4. So you didn't get any other color? So sad!! There's gotta be another one you like!


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