April 10, 2010


In less than 2 weeks we leave for Edmonton for 4 months. Of course I knew it was coming but I have to say I can't believe how fast it's come! I'm very excited for another summer adventure but I really don't want to leave. As you know Neil hasn't been working much this winter and we have LOVED having him home with us so much, especially since Rigby has joined us. I think a lot of my nerves regarding this summer have something to do with the fact that I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to function without Neil around. I have honestly become dependent on him. I don't know what to do without an extra pair of eyes and ears in the house, an extra hand to grab a kid, someone to help fold and put away the laundry, to chat with while I do dishes, to vacuum the house, and to hang out with all day. I know we have been SPOILED but I have to say I've really gotten used to it and I'm a little nervous for the change. APX summers consist of a lot of not seeing each other and wives being single mothers for 4 months. I know I am a capable person and imagine everything will be fine but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely nervous about having 2 kids alone all day every day. Ah well, the only thing I can do is just do it, and enjoy it... and miss Neil.


  1. 2 WEEKS! I'm so sad it's come so soon. Who will I craft with this summer?

  2. APX wives are very strong people. I can't imagine having Nate gone for so long during the day, for 6 days a week! you women are pretty much an APX widows!!!

    I hear Edmonton is a good spot. have fun this summer!

  3. Oh Michelley--That is sad! Everything will turn out alright! You are a strong woman with two great little sons! Just hang in there!! And call me lots!!

  4. but then you get to enjoy each other for 8 months again, until next summer! You will be fine, you can drop porter off all the time to play with cosette. she already has a thing for older boys. really.


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