April 6, 2010


When I was pregnant with Porter Niles was my constant companion. Every time I sat or laid down he was right there snuggling up to my big belly. After Porter was born Niles became my nursing buddy, snuggling against Porter while he ate. This past October we had to give Niles away because he was making Neil's asthma act up. I really missed him during my pregnancy with Rigby and often think about him while I am nursing. He was such an affectionate cat and I miss his lovin'. Yesterday for Easter Monday we headed out to Milk River to my SIL Mandy's house - which is where Niles lives now. I was so excited to see him and was thrilled when he obviously remembered us and purred and meowed at me. Twice during our afternoon there I had to nurse Rigby and without any coaxing both times Niles jumped up on my lap and snuggled up against the baby, in his rightful place. Oh, my heart!

Pregnant with Porter Boy

Niles and Porter

Niles and Rigby

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  1. Oh, break my heart in two!! So cute!! I love Niles!!!


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