April 5, 2010

We've come full circle

On Good Friday Neil and the boys (can I just tell you how much I love saying that - "the boys..." tee hee!!) and I went to Waterton. We enjoyed a great picnic lunch and then drove up to Cameron Lake. On the way up we listened to Destination Beautiful by Mae - an album Neil and I used to listen to quite often when we were dating/friends. One song in particular, "Embers and Envelopes," came on and I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed (I'm still getting over all these hormones....) as I remember very specifically one sunny day in 2003 when I skipped my college practicum and Neil and I headed to Waterton. We were driving in his little Geo Metro and as we drove up that exact same road to Cameron Lake I fed him broken pieces of bagels and Bridge Mixture, Embers and Envelopes played and we talked about what good friends we were and what a wonderful day we were having together. A few years later on the exact same road the exact same song came on - this time we were driving as a married couple, in our minivan with our 2 precious sons in the back. What a full circle moment! I grabbed Neil's hand and squeezed it tight, if only I knew back in 2003 how incredibly happy and content I'd be...


  1. Awww such a sweet moment.

  2. aww that was adorable... i almost got a little teary eyed... im so happy we all found eachother...lol i love you guys!


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