May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

These are the 2 reasons I am so happy (ok and the other boy in our house too!) I am so grateful to be a mother and feel so blessed to be trusted with these precious spirits. Porter is my cheeky little tease that keeps me laughing and Rigby is my sweetheart with the most calm and peaceful nature. I can't wait to see what the years bring with these boys.

I want to say Happy Mother's Day to my momma too! She is my mom and my friend and I have learned love, patience and charity from her. I wish we lived closer because we always have so much fun together and I would love to do it more often. She is an awesome grandma and my boys just love her (even if Porter won't talk to her on the phone). She truly encompasses what it means to be a mother - someone you can turn to, someone to show you unconditional love, and someone to teach and guide you. I am so grateful for her example. I love you!


  1. You may get this comment twice, but I didn't see it post the first time. So here it is again if I can remember what I wrote. Your words were the greatest gift I could get for Mother's Day. I love you so much and you were easy to be a mother to. I love ALL your boys, too. They are awesome!

  2. By the way, I am not mikedtodd--I am his better half!


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