May 7, 2010

Rit Dye

As a solution to my hoodie issue it was suggested to me to use Rit Dye. The thought had actually crossed my mind but I was wary of how well the dye would cover the bleach spots and if I would get an all over even color if I dyed the entire hoodie. Has anyone ever used the stuff, especially on something that's been bleached? I don't have the hoodie here in Edmonton (it's in a box at home, I told you I don't even want to look at the thing!) so I won't be trying it until the fall but if anyone has any tips or suggestions I'd appreciate it.


  1. I did a google search on fixing bleach spots and its sounds like if you just use the dye then the bleach spots will still be lighter.
    There were a couple recommendations. You could use a fabric pen to colour in the bleach spots and then dye the sweater or apparently there's an RIT dye to completely remove colour. You use that first on the whole sweater and then re-dye the sweater.
    Someone also said once they dye'd some jeans using RIT and every time she wore them they turned her legs black... maybe that was just because it was black though?

  2. From my years of cloth diapering, I've heard that Dylon dye a is much better dye...don't know where to get it up here though. So really helpful eh.

  3. I know I'm a nerd, but I read a book called "Laundry" recently and the author said that she never had much success in dying things unless she was dying something back to its original color, like dying a pair of faded black pants black again. I'm sad for your sweater, I know the feeling!!


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