May 21, 2010

Stupid shots

Rigby had his 2 month vaccinations on Wednesday morning. He was his usual calm, cheery self all day and most of the day Thursday (even when I hauled him through Galaxyland ALL day), BUT today he has been miserable, poor guy! If you have ever met Rigby you know he is a perfect baby. Haha, seriously he is. He doesn't cry except for when he's hungry and he makes this little yelp when he's tired and that means he wants his soother and to be wrapped up and put to bed. When you lay him down he just lays there quietly until he goes to sleep. He's so perfect it's really quite sickening honestly. So today when he actually demanded some attention I was kind of unprepared for it! He spent a lot of the day fussing and crying and just wanted to be held. I managed to get a few things done while Porter bounced him in his bouncy chair (and you can imagine what I mean by 'bounce') but the rest of the day was spent rocking and soothing my poor baby. I was able to have a lot of patience with him because it's so unlike him and I really just feel bad for the little guy, those darn shots! I've just put him down for bed and I'm hoping he's back to himself tomorrow. He really is perfect and I'm so in love with him, even after I've listened to him cry all day.

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2010

    I am so proud of what a good momma you are! I love how patient you are with your two year old (but you can still send him to me at any time!!) and you are so caring about those STUPID SHOTS. You know how much I love those things!
    Kiss those boys for their grandma!


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