May 29, 2010

Michelle and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I went home to Lethbridge for a few days this past week. It was my plan to play outside, go for walks and picnics and just let Porter roam and enjoy himself. But it rained. We still had a great time and it was fun to stay at Vicky's (thanks Vik!) and have Porter play with his cousins inside. I felt so bad for Vicky because her basement had water in it and the cracks had to be toweled up every 20 minutes or so. My heart just broke for her to see all that water coming in her basement.

Well yesterday morning we got a phone call from Pat (the lady renting our place for the summer) to say that we had water in OUR basement too. I went over there to see how bad it was, assuming it was just a little like last year. I was wrong. Along every wall of the perimeter of the house it was wet, like REALLY wet. If I stamped my feet it would splash - THAT wet. It came out about 2 feet in most places so everything had to be moved and pushed to the middle of the rooms. So instead of going to hang out with Laura (who was doing a MAJOR project for me, which I'll post about later, I LOVE YOU LAURA!) all morning like I really wanted to I was stuck having to deal with this. My in-laws have a wet vac so I called to see if I could borrow it. I went out to my van to go get it just to open the door and see that my van had been broken into, everything scattered everywhere and our GPS was stolen. ARE YOU SERIOUS? The change in our cupholder (and my temple bag for that too) was stolen - I hope you enjoy your 12 dollars! Ugh. So, my wonderful in laws came over with the vac and I started vacuuming the water but it really was a futile attempt, it was just so soaking wet I couldn't make a difference. My father in law pulled the carpet and underlay up from the edges to hopefully give it a chance to dry out. Oh, my cute basement. There was really nothing I could do about any of it and I only had a couple hours until I had to leave to go back to Edmonton anyway. I talked to Pat, apologized up and down and told her I'd send people over to take care of it. THANK GOODNESS for wonderful friends and family!

So I left for Edmonton, with no GPS, my van a MESS, my house a DISASTER and my nerves pretty well shot. *whimper, whimper.* The drive was very uneventful, my boys did wonderful and we made it home to Neil safe and in good time. I've got my house to deal with from here but I know I have help, I just feel bad for being so dependent on them. UGH, what a day!


  1. oh--Michelle! I am SO SORRY!!! What a terrible, horrible no good very bad story! That really does take the cake for a bad day! ALL I can say is I'm SORRY!!

  2. OH my goodness! I'm so sorry for your horrible day! That does NOT sound fun at all! I hope the people that broke into your van get struck by lightning for stealing your temple bag!! that horrible for me to say?!?


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