May 5, 2010


We just received the news that our little friend Wesley has passed away. We were somewhat prepared for it as the little guy was 6 years old and ferrets have a life span of 6-8 years so we knew he was elderly. As a tribute to Wes I just wanted to share a few of my favorite memories about him.

Wesley loved feet! He loved playing with dirty socks, nibbling on toes, hiding in shoes (and dragging shoes under the bed) and trying to climb up EVERYONE'S pant legs.

Wesley had a little spot on the side of his jaw that when you rubbed it would make him yawn. So cute!

If you held Wes up to your face he would give you kisses, little licks on your nose.

He had an adorable little squeak when he got excited.

I loved the way he kinda walked sideways like the front and back half of his body weren't really connected.

I loved finding Wesley all snuggled up in our laundry basket. He loved sleeping in our dirty clothes - anything that smelled like us.

We'd find Wesley in the funniest places when we weren't expecting it. All of the sudden you'd come across something warm and fuzzy and it would freak you right out until you thought, "oh, it's just Wes!"

Wesley had a serious snoring problem. I loved to sit and sew and listen to him snore behind me. It was so cute to walk into a room and have Wesley give himself away to where he was hiding asleep because you could hear him snoring!

Some of the funnest years of Wesley's life was the time spent with Niles. A cat and a ferret make a funny pair and we spent LOTS of time laughing at those two!

Wesley spent time as a registered volunteer at St. Michael's Health Centre. He had a little name badge and everything! I would regularly take him and walk him around and let the residents hold him and play with him. A few of them really got attached to him and he was always so good with the seniors.

Wesley loved to play in the snow. We liked to let him play in the yard or sometimes we'd put buckets of snow in the tub and let him burrow and play.

Upon one visit to my Granny in Kelowna Wesley found a way to get inside her couch. We had to literally cut the bottom of her couch open to get him out!

Wesley was very gentle and sweet, he was so good with kids and endured lots of kids picking him up and dragging him around.

Wesley didn't really care for toys but he had one bear that he absolutely loved. It had little beads in the bum and feet and I think that's what drew him to it. He would drag that little bear everywhere and if you got a hold of it he'd come and take it from you and hide it where you couldn't get it. He loved that thing!

I will miss having him around.


  1. He's so cute! I always hoped my little Tyler could meet him someday. He would have adored him. Alas.

  2. Mom told me about the little guy! I'm sorry for your loss! He will be missed--that funny guy! (and what a great tribute to him! He is smiling down on you!)

  3. Oh I'm so going to miss him!! He smelled like honey!! Love ya Wes!!


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