June 16, 2010

Fang Doon

My little Porter cracks me up. Lately he has been saying this phrase (thankfully not the toilet talk ones anymore!) and I have no idea where he got it or what it means. He is constantly saying "fang doon" and sometimes it's "sang doon." The confusing part is that he uses it in all different contexts. Sometimes fang doon is a verb, sometimes it's a noun or an adjective. His cars can fang doon and breakfast is fang doon, Daddy fang doons and bed time is fang doon. I have asked him over and over again what it means and why he says it but he always just giggles and says it again, without an explanation.

I think he's fang doon.

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  1. Max did the exact same thing with the word "pugs". Never did find out what he meant.So cute!


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