June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my momma's birthday and I wish I could have been there to spend it with her. She is an awesome mother and wonderful friend and so for her 61st (shhh!) birthday here are 61 things I love about her!

1. She is ALWAYS there for me, seriously - and usually before even I know I need her! She just knows when to call and when to ask how I'm doing.
2. She is a wonderful grandma, she LOVES her grandkids and plays for hours with my boys.
3. She loves to go shopping with me, and buys me things!
4. She is like one of the girls, I can talk to her about anything.
5. She has taught me to be selfless and thoughtful, she's the perfect example.
6. She is always just as excited about things for me as I am, she really wants the best for me.
7. She makes a really fun date!
8. She makes the food I want when I go home to visit, I LOVE her stir fry!
9. She has a cute sense of humor and makes me laugh.
10. She is generous and will do anything for anyone if she can.
11. My girlfriends all love her as much as they love me!
12. I have memories of walking past her room at night seeing her kneeling by her bedside praying.
13. She taught me to just be myself.
14. I love the way she practices her shorthand when she's driving or talking on the phone.
15. She made holidays special for us with a lot of fun traditions - Christmas crackers, Easter hunts, birthday parties, etc.
16. We watched White Christmas together every year.
17. She'd take me out of school to go to Lethbridge on dates, and then we'd start taking Sharlee out of school too, it was awesome!
18. She'd let us eat supper in front of the TV when dad was away.
19. She'd call ahead and tell us not to make lunch because she was bringing "uptown sandwiches" home.
20. She's ok to laugh at herself and taught me not to take things too seriously.
21. We would cuddle on the couch together and watch Matlock or Perry Mason or Murder She Wrote.
22. When I visit she lets me get ready in her bathroom with her even though I know my mess drives her nuts.
23. She always does that extra little something to make things more special - a new outfit, a little extra money, some fun treats, anything she can think of!
24. She tells me I'm beautiful all the time - who doesn't want to hear that?!
25. She cares about other people in my life and asks how they are doing too.
26. She always wants to hear Porter stories and loves them as much as I do.
27. She used to give us Valentines Day panties with hearts or "love" on them every year.
28. She would let me sleep in her bed when dad was away.
29. She taught me to keep a clean and tidy house.
30. She taught me that people are more important than things.
31. I love her teeth, they are just so "hmph."
32. She let us grow up with pets even though she didn't really like them.
33. She went camping with us every summer even though it wasn't her favorite thing.
34. She helped us develop our talents by putting us in different lessons and classes.
35. She always let me have friends over, friends were always welcome in our home.
36. She taught me how to make jam and can preserves.
37. She likes treats just as much as I do.
38. She is an amazing teacher and really puts her heart into her lessons.
39. I feel like she created opportunities for me to feel the spirit and to help my testimony grow.
40. She helps me put things into perspective when I'm having a bad day.
41. She is the first person I want to call when I find out something exciting or have some good news.
42. We both like mindless shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette and call and chat about it afterwards.
43. She saves her People magazines for me for when I visit.
44. I loved watching her talk to the seniors at her work and think that is partly where I learned to love them so much.
45. She has respect for everyone, regardless of background, status or culture.
46. She is humble and always puts others before herself.
47. She misses me and my family and I know she wishes she was closer.
48. She let me drive my dad's Porsche and he didn't even know! :)
49. When I was in college she called me at midnight so she could be the first to wish me happy birthday.
50. We can laugh at all of our inside jokes together and they never get old.
51. She loves genealogy and knows so much about her heritage.
52. She is always willing to sign up or volunteer for something.
53. When I go to church with her we have to stop in the hall because everyone wants to talk to her or hug her, people just love her.
54. She likes to learn.
55. She likes rocks just like me.
56. She made us dresses when we were little.
57. I like to lay on her bed and look at all her rings with her, she has a story for every one.
58. She comes to my house and folds all my laundry.
59. She has amazing decorating ideas and has helped make my house so cute!
60. She is crafty even though she doesn't think she is, she is very creative.
61. She is my momma and she loves me unconditionally.

Happy Birthday to my mom!


  1. awww i loved this! happy birthday momma TODD! your so cute!

  2. Oh, that made me cry, I can't imagine what it did to her!!! And that was awesome to skip school all the time!! I miss that!!

  3. AnonymousJune 16, 2010

    I just found this because I look on your blog every day to see if you have shared something of your life. Sharlee is right (and you know this, too) I am crying huge rivers of tears because that was so special. I don't know that I deserve any of that, but it was wonderful to think that I did make some memories for you. I love you with all of my heart, my baby girl!!! mom

  4. AMEN to everything! We are lucky gals to have such a great Mom! Love you both!

  5. My Mom's birthday is on the 15th too.

  6. AMEN!! I love my "other mom" too, and think the WORLD of her!! (And miss her a whole lot!)


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