July 31, 2010


I love a happy ending.
I saw these pumps a month or so back and I loved them but didn't feel like spending the $25.00 they were (I know, I'm cheap, but for something I'll really only wear on Sundays I figured I wouldn't bother). BUT I couldn't stop thinking about them and all the things I wanted to pair with them so I went back to just pay the $25.00 and take them home. Wouldn't you know it they didn't have my size. I checked at the same store at a few different malls when I'd be out but of course there were never any in my size and eventually there weren't any to be seen at all. UNTIL today. I happened to see a pair at the store (not my size) and I asked the gal if they had any more which they didn't but she said she'd call to another mall (where I hadn't previously checked) to see if they had any AND THEY DID! She put them on hold so I packed up my kiddos and went and picked them up. And GUESS WHAT? They were HALF OFF. That's right my friends - $12.50 for these babies.

Platform nude snakeskin pumps, definitely worth the wait.

Like seriously, could you die?
(The picture really doesn't do them justice, I just wanna say.)


  1. Love them! Can't wait to see what you wear with them on your First Wednesday show and tell!

  2. Yes, i could die... love them.


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