August 23, 2010

This is not an announcement!

Yesterday, out of absolutely nowhere Porter says "I want a sister!"

I looked at him wide eyed and said "excuse me?" Then asked him why he wanted a sister.

"I already have a brother."

"You don't want another brother?"

He laughed with his head back "ahhh, 2 brothers, that's silly."

I said "you already have a brother so you think you want a sister huh? Where would you get a sister?"

"At the sister store." 

Well you know how little kids are with their intuition so I REALLY hope he doesn't know something we don't! Although if it was just a matter of going to the "sister store" I would probably have another baby sooner, but since that isn't the case I'm afraid he'll have to wait.


  1. bahahahaha oh porter your so cuute!

  2. oh... if only it were that easy!

  3. Oh, Porter, where do you come from and where does your little brain get these things? When you go to the sister store order a couple of them will you?!! We are short in that gender in our family!


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