August 19, 2010

Watch mom!

I can be staring Porter dead in the face, looking intently at whatever it is he is doing but until I actually say "I'm watching!" it's "watch mom, mom watch, momma, momma, mom, watch!" I even tried it out the other day when he was in the bath and I was sitting in the living room feeding Rigby. He was hollering at me to come watch him do something and  I said "In a minute Porter, I'm nursing Rigby." He kept hollering and telling me to "watch, watch, watch!" so I just yelled from the couch "Ok, I'm watching!" and I heard him splash away and carry on. Hahaa! I guess it's not actually watching but saying you are watching that counts with him. (This information may come in handy......)


  1. TOTALLY know what this is all about!! Marshall not only wants me to watch him, but EVERYONE we see. For example, the other day we went to the pool...he was yelling at the life guard to watch him "swim" in the pool! I just laughed!

  2. Cooper is the same way. Sometimes I feel guilty because I'm not REALLY watching, but what can you do?


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