August 18, 2010

WIWW Trois

So here's another week, sorry this one is seriously lacking in creativity and appeal. We had such a busy week that I hardly put thought into my outfits and some of them didn't even get photographed. I'll commit to a better week coming up! And yes... I'm still standing on the edge of my bed, ha! Thanks to those that are playing along, and I think YOU should give it a try.
Jeans - Buffalo
Navy lace cap sleeve - Mod Bod
White cami - Shade
Yellow hoody - Bluenotes
Metallic sandles - Old Navy

Same jeans (I'm just excited I can fit them again alright?!) 
Brown cap sleeve - Mod Bod
Floral top - Wal Mart
I think I wore the same metallic sandles this day too

Skirt - Fairweather
Black cap sleeve - Shade
Black strappy heels - Wal Mart

 Black leggings - Suzy Shier
White scoop neck shirt - Shade
Long cardigan - Urban Behavior

I'm linking up to Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy, go check out her stuff, she's one cool cat!


  1. Your outfits are so cute - but I keep getting distracted by your adorable babies in your sidebar!
    They are so so cute!


  2. Even when you don't put an effort you look way stinkin cute!! :] Visiting from The Pleatted Poppy!

  3. That long cardigan is fabulous. Love your Sunday outfit too!

  4. thanks for linking up!

  5. Love that black and white skirt!!! So cute!

  6. super cute...and I still love that you stand on the edge of the bed!

  7. There she is again--my beautiful baby! Lindsey and I went shopping today and everything we saw one of us would point to and say
    "Michelle could pull that off."
    You look so darn cute in everything and we love you!!

  8. I'm pretty sure if there were a clothes shop, I might have to trade with you :) I loooove the walmart flower top! How'd I miss that?!

  9. Thank you for stopping by my page! You are so adorable! I love that long cardigan!! I love any type of cardigans. haha!

  10. I LOVE your "Tuesday's long cardigan".


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