September 9, 2010


I have a question for moms (again...). How do you feel about taking your kids to the chiropractor? I do believe in chiropractors and have been GREATLY helped by them in the past so if you don't share the same feelings please don't try and convince me they are quacks or it's just in my head. I believe and so does my back. My question is just this - have you taken your children to see one and how did you feel about the experience?


  1. blake sees the chiropractor on occasion. he seems to be prone to back aches and head aches though. as a general rule...our other kids don't go that often although they are all fine with it and even enjoy it. Steve is a regular at the chiropractor and I refuse to go - BAD experience once and I haven't been the same.

    does that help at all???

  2. I take my kids. Taylor goes once a year for a check and Talan goes every couple of months. He has always had a weird neck that cracks when he shakes his head side to side. So he just gets it checked abdicate it needs to he gets adjusted. Jace has torticollis and when the doctor told me it was no big deal I took him in and had him adjusted. There was a huge difference immediately. So he gets checked every few weeks and adjusted or just massaged depending on what he needs. My kids all love it and we have only had good experiences.

  3. Umm...hmmm. How do I feel about kids getting adjusted by a Chiropractor? Well lets see...SINCE I'M MARRIED TO ONE--I THINK ITS A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! No--really. I have seen it work on TONS of kids that Tim has treated in his office and also seen it be awesome on our kids as well. Even if you don't feel like they need it (because of an injury or complaint)--its not going to hurt them. It will just keep them in alignment and keep all the joints moving correctly. :o)

  4. I have gone lots and take my kids to them all the time. I actually drive all the way to coaldale from strathmore to the chiropractor cause i think she is the best one around. The triplets had there first adjustment when they were home from the hospital for about 10 days. If you are looking for a good one close to lethbridge I would tell you to try Liana Harper in coaldale. It has made huge differences in my kids.


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