September 11, 2010

Communicating with a 2 year old

My dialogue with Porter this morning went something like this:

Mom, did we bring that chair from Jo?

What chair, and who's Jo?

That chair we had at our Lethbridge house with Jo.

I don't know what chair and I'm not sure who Jo is...

Ya know Jo, and Luke. Luke, and Jo is his momma.

Oh! Yes! Hahaa, Jo and Luke, that's so good of you to remember! Now what chair?

The chair from our Lethbridge house where we just goed (we're working on grammar, haha..)

Yes, what chair at our Lethbridge house?

The bouncy chair at our Lethbridge house where I put my puppy.


Then it all came together for me and I was SO proud of my little communicator - he did such a great job. When we were at our Lethbridge house hanging out with my friend Jo we set up the Jolly Jumper for Rigby to play in. When Rigby was done Porter stuck his puppy in it and played for a while. So "mom, did we bring that chair from Jo?" was actually asking if we had brought the Jolly Jumper back to Edmonton with us. I was really proud of how he stuck to it and communicated until I understood what he was asking.


  1. Meech, I told you that one was smart! (Not that you had to be told, but I do say redundant things quite often!) He amazes me at what he sees, hears and remembers, figures out on his own and he is only two years old. You and Neil have lots of fun with it now 'cause you better watch out when he becomes even a pre-teen!!
    He will be able to talk all around you!!!

  2. I love him! He's such a smart little cookie!


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