September 16, 2010

Makeup Alley

I want to share with you a website I have been enjoying for the past year or so.

It is

I don't know how well known it is so if this post is like me introducing you all to facebook or something just bear with me, I think it's pretty awesome and something worth blogging about!

Makeup Alley is a site where you can go for all things health and beauty. You create a little profile for yourself and it keeps track of all you do there. My favorite part of Makeup Alley is the product reviews. You can search a product, anything from lipstick (like the MAC Viva Glam 1 I am currently toying with) to nail polish, to shampoo and conditioners to perfume to moisturizers to hairstyling tools. Members of Makeup Alley can write a review on a product and rate it (out of 5 adorable little lipsticks) to let you know what they thought of the product or how it compares to other products they have used or what they would use in conjunction with it. I use this ALL the time! Before making a purchase I read all about what other people that have actually used it have to say and what they recommend. I return the favor by writing reviews of products I use as well.

The other fun thing about Makeup Alley is the swap. If you purchase a product that you realize you really don't love as much as you thought you would you can add it to your swap list and when someone has something you'd like you can swap for it. (You can judge how you feel about the germy aspect of this - there is a disclaimer about health and safety precautions...) For some products I think it provides a way to make good on a purchase that may have otherwise been a waste.

There is also a message board to have discussions and ask questions and a wish list to keep track of products you're eyeing to buy.

If you are at all interested in makeup and/or health and beauty products I suggest you take a little peek at this site. It's free and fast to join and it's worth it, in my opinion, for the product reviews alone.

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  1. i used to subscribe to (the woman who wrote "Don't go to the Make Up Counter Without Me" runs this site) but my subscription is up. I'm real excited to try out makeupalley. thanks for the tip!


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