September 22, 2010

WIWW out of the garbage

Ok so I'm not actually wearing clothes from the garbage... but whilst I was cleaning out the photo albums on my laptop I somehow deleted the pictures I'd been taking this week so I did have to go restore them from my recycling bin which is kinda like going through the trash, right? While I was dumpster diving I came across this little gem:

a picture of me pregnant with Rigby last year.... aww. Anyway. Moving on.

Here is what I wore this week, straight from the garbage.

Grey shirt and mustard tank - Shade
Grey cardigan - Wal Mart
Striped scarf - Urban Behavior
Headband - made by moi

Black and white striped tank - Shade
Purple Cardigan - American Eagle
Jeans - Bluenotes
Black flats - Wal Mart 

White 3/4 sleeve top - Shade
Blue jacket - Gap
Metallic belt - Fairweather
Jeans - Bluenotes

White and mustard tanks - Shade
Blue and white striped shirt - H & M

Black and white shirts - Shade
Yellow leather jacket - Urban Planet
Cream scarf - Ardenes
Jeans - Bluenotes
Boots - Wal Mart 
(Looking at this now I'm going to call it my Amelia Earhart outfit - I sure do look like I'm off to the hanger....)

Black camisole - Shade
Printed top - Superstore

And I'm not gonna lie - most of my outfits ended up in some combination of this -

becauuuuuuse.... this is also what happened this week!

Yay-ah! What a GREAT week!

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  1. i love all the fall outfits- so yummy! i wish i could start to stack on the layers but it's still in the 90's here. that headband is precious- i'm going to have to try it out myself!

  2. You are SUCH a doll and everything looks great! Jealous of all your fall outfits! We're dealing with the 90s still :( Boo.

    That headband is fantastic, btw!

  3. This is my first week participating in WIWW! Love all of your outfits! :-)

  4. My first week posting too !

    I love your outfits and I think your "Amelia" outfit is lovely. I too am most jealous of your ability to layer it's still mighty hot where I live !

  5. love it all :) you have really nailed down what you love & feel great in. i'd look like a total dork in that yellow jacket, but you own it. love your pics!!!


  6. Love the jacket with the belt! Lots of cute outfits here!

  7. You look so cute!! Love the blue jacket!!

  8. Wearing my ring again, I see...

    I DIE for your yellow bomber! Adorable!

    Regarding Wal-mart style--since when does Wal-mart have cute clothes/shoes?

    And woohoo about the potty!


  9. I think you look AMAZING as always--but hate to say it--Porter wins this round with his cute little potty picture! How cute!! No one can compete with that!

  10. I'm loving the little sleeve detail on that H&M top. So cute!

  11. Love all of your outfits! You look cute and comfortable which I like a lot. Love the Amelia outfit too!

  12. Love your style! In that one photo, you definitely do look like you're off to the hanger. ;-) It's a good look.

  13. I love you as a blonde compared to your brown days. I also love everything that you wore this week!

  14. I love the jacket layered over the tee- so adorable! And I love the photo of you preggo- seriously so stinking cute I only hope I look that good when we have little ones! (visiting from The Pleated Poppy)

  15. Yay for Porter!!!(and for you too) You look cute as always. I love the headband you made and the lip gloss (lipstick?) you are wearing with your Thursday outfit.

  16. Terrific headband! Cute outfits!

  17. you do stripes well...i am not yet so brave. they seem to be the "in" thing, but i can't find any to suit my taste. i always feel so wide.

    also jealous of the scarves, it's still 90 degrees here!!

  18. always you look fab! It's seems we have the same love for boots... I should say "affordable boots" ;-) i have the Katherine leather engineer boots from Target... check them out... the price is fabulous and they are really comfy... have a great week!

  19. Totally loving your outfits!
    And the headband is gorgeous, I've been meaning to do one for ages...
    Thankyou for visiting me at my WIWW, did your husband have a chance to read the Finnish parts? How does he know how to speak Finnish? That's really fun :D

  20. Visiting from The Pleated Poppy ~ such cute stuff!! Loving the headband and grey jacket.

  21. I love all of your outfits, but Wednesday's is my favorite! You always have such interesting combinations... totally inspiring!

  22. I like all the stripes in your outfits!

  23. Ok...I want to come shop in your closet! AND - I love "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" !!! (saw that on your info) and I have similar pictures of my girl on a potty watching tv..a cooking show, no less ;) Thanks for stopping by, and I love your wardrobe.

  24. love all your layers!! Your headband is amazing and I love the skinny silver belt!! :)


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