October 3, 2010

Chair makeover

I always read about people finding treasures on the side of the road, in a back alley or on someone's front yard with a FREE - PLEASE TAKE sign on it and I always wish that happened to me. Well - IT DID! I passed a heap of stuff in someone's yard, close enough to the curb that it looked like it was definitely for the taking. Among that heap were 2 beautiful full-of-potential chairs!

Initially I thought of putting them both in my craft room downstairs when my basement is fixed (waaaa, would she shut up about her basement already?!) but then I had a better thought of putting one down there and one upstairs in my bedroom. If you're like me you have a cute husband that sits on the bed to put on his socks right after you make it and leaves creases and scrunches on your newly made bed. Grrrrr. So, this will give him somewhere to sit while he puts on his socks and it gives me something to admire every time I walk in the room. over. and. over. and then again just to make sure it's still super cute.

I'll skip a tutorial since I think what I did is pretty obvious - unscrew the seat, prime and paint the frame, recover the seat (adding extra batting), screw the seat back onto the frame and done! Easy.  


 Adding a little spray paint
(I totally spray painted my sidewalk - anyone know how to get it off?!) 


 A better close up of the fabric

I look forward to finishing the other one as well. Almost as much as I look forward to having my basement back. Ok, not that much.


  1. So cute! They turned out so well!

  2. I LOVE the fabric you found!!! It turned out great!! How is Neil taking the news that he is no longer allowed to sit on the bed?

  3. It looks so cute! You did a great job.

  4. I love what you did with it!!!! I want one!

  5. Love it! Great job... oh and to fix the sidewalk you buy three other colours of spray paint and attack the rest! haha ;)


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