October 27, 2010

this is random

When do you switch from baby shampoo/soap to regular shampoo/conditioner and soap? I just realized tonight that Porter is almost three and I am still using Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash on him. Am I stunting his growth? When should he graduate to the other stuff? 

Also. I searched Johnson's Head-to-Toe in Google Images and this came up.

Makes perfect sense right?
silly Google


  1. He doesn't have long hair, and he's not a girl that you need to worry about detangling, so I'm sure that the Johnson's stuff is great. The advantage of course is that it is tear free. Loreal has a great kids line of fabulous smelling shampoo that is also tear free, if you don't want him smelling like a baby anymore :)

  2. we still use the baby stuff, partly because we still HAVE some. Also, he STILL cries when we wash his hair (something about water in his ears) So we still go for the stuff that doesn't sting eyes, may as well not give him an extra reason to cry (bless his heart)

  3. (ps... just read the other comment about tear free kid shampoo...good to know)

  4. hmmm...well, we still use it and my boys are 6 and 8! I figure, it's good for cleaning and won't sting their eyes :)


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