November 23, 2010

my boy's room

One of the real pains-in-the-butt (there are about 3 bazillion of them) about living far away from people is that when you make minor changes (with major affects, of course!) to a room they are familiar with you have to just describe it to them instead of have them come over to oooh and aaah at your new hand towels or to agree that that picture does look better hung 3 inches lower. Ya know? So when I recently purchased a dresser from my friend Laura (who bought a "new" dresser she is going to make over - eek!) and moved it into the boys room I wanted to show my mom and sister what a great addition it made buuuuut they live 12 hours away. When I also bought Porter a new duvet I decided it was best to just take pictures of the whole room and show them how it had come together.  Anyway, here are the changes to the room for my little men.

 The new dresser. It matches the other furniture perfectly and holds so much more than the small change table/dresser I was using. I also purchased that adorable wicker laundry hamper for some clothing-control and it's awesome. 

 I did have to move my rocker over slightly but it's fine where it is.

 Beside the dresser/rocker I keep my blanket folded up in this cute basket, ready for me to pull on while I nurse my babe.  A place for everything makes mommy very happy. 

I added this cute little wicker waste basket as well. It's functional and matches the laundry hamper.

 Here's the new duvet. Really nothing special but it's better than the yellow one I had in here before. Every time I came in the room I got a sudden bout of jaundice. 

Here's the crib as always - even though it still says Porter above it. I hoped the Rigby blocks on the dresser would counteract that.

I didn't have anywhere to keep diapers and wipes with the change table taken out of the room so I put them all in this cute basket which I just slide under the crib.

So there you have it ladies. Not as good as having you here *sigh* but it will do.


  1. Thank you for the tour, Meech! It looks really cute and I love the browns, yellows and greens together!
    My favorite room is still your bedroom--at least until I see the completed living room. I still want you to come and redo my bedroom--get together with your sister for some ideas. LOVE YOU!

  2. Awww!!! Thanks for showing us everything! I am in love with the brown duvet. The color really grounds the room. And I love all the little extra baskets and stuff. I too love a place to put everything!! :o)


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