November 12, 2010

The newest member of our family

As you know we recently finished (for the second time) our basement. I'll do an extensive post on that but in the mean time I want to show you what we rewarded ourselves with for all our hard work. (Ok, we were going to buy it anyway but now feel totally justified!)

Dah dah dah duuuuuh:

 I put Rigby on it to give you a bit of context.

 The end with the chaise. Fun word right?

The other end - the piece Rigby is on and the end piece beside him both recline - they are "wall crawlers" so you can recline all the way back even though the furniture is pushed up against the wall. 

Had another body besides my two babies been home there would be a picture of me laid back lounging in it right here but there wasn't so I'll just tell you how much I love it instead of show you. 



  1. I LOVE it!!! It is amazing and I bet you can fit a million people on it!! And I didn't know about the "Wall crawling feature"!! Then your walls won't look all chopped up like mine does behind our recliner! Awesome!!

  2. That looks awesome, I cannot WAIT to sit on it. You guys have the most pimped out basement now!

  3. Yay!!! Pictures finally!! I LOVE it, and can't wait to try it out!! You are going to love it! It looks so comfy, like I want to curl up in it and never leave!! Awesome job!


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