January 24, 2011

a post for Sharon

My cute sister Sharon reminded me that I had yet to post a few projects that I completed this fall, mainly to do with restoring our basement after the big flood of 2010 (I can totally see us referring to it as that in years to come so I'm just going to start calling it that now.) I'm realizing now that I don't have any real pics of the full rooms completed but you can see it piece by piece. So here's a post for her, and you too.

We had to cut out about 2 feet of drywall all along the wall in the spare room and my sewing room. Here's Neil replacing the drywall.

Because Neil's favorite thing in the whole wide world is detail work he had no desire to mud and tape the drywall and then repaint the wall. Our friend Kenny suggested he hang this beadboard over the top and call it good. I feel kinda bad that the wall is bare under there, it seems a little like putting your pants on without any underwear first but it totally works. So smart!

To hopefully prevent further flooding issues we installed a sump pump. Neil had to cut up the wall for the pipes so here I am hovering over the pump painting over the patch job he did. We put up the same beadboard in the spare room as well.

The flood kind of forced us to go through all our storage and reorganize ourselves, which is not a bad thing. We had this huge closet (which leads into under the stairs as well) in our spare room and it was somewhat organized. We decided to really make use of the space and build shelves. We then went and bought a ton of Rubbermaid bins and now we are so organized it is sickening. I love it.

After we got the carpet and everything relaid I had a lot of fun putting my sewing room back together. I use these little drawers for my sewing things but have always hated that you can see the mess of it's guts inside. I got some matching scrapbook paper and just slid it in the front so you can't see the insides. It's cute and looks neat.

I have a large storage shelf and I have also hated that I can't ever make it look neat and tidy so I made a little curtain to cover it. At first I wasn't happy with it because the bins I had inside were too big and it made the curtain bulge. I bought some new baskets that fit better so now it lays flat. I was also not sold on the color I chose - it felt a little like a hospital gown to me. My friend Laura suggested I add a ruffle or some detailing. That was a simple but huge improvement I think. I also recovered my ironing board - again a suggestion from my genius friend Laura. It was ridiculously easy and took no time at all. I love that the whole room matches now.

Now let me invite you upstairs to my bedroom. (Git your mind outta the gutter!) People always ask how on earth my husband lets me have a coral/pink wall in my room and I remind them that when it comes to colors and decorating I have free rein as he is colorblind and actually thinks this wall is grey. Like really, am I going to ask for that kind of input? I am allowed to do whatever I want when it comes to colors because he doesn't see them properly anyway. So here are some pillows I made to help accentuate that coral/pink wall. I picked up 2 of these fabrics down at Joann and my sister had the third and missing piece which she selflessly gave me! I think they turned out cute.

And there you have it, I think that's all! Did I get everything Sharon?! :)


  1. YAAAAAY!! Thank you Michelle!! It is all better than I imagined it to be! And I love the ruffle you added to the blue curtain (Laura is a genius!) AND I love your idea of the scrap book paper in the bins--I am TOTALLY going to steal that one! And I am completely drooling and going green over your oh-so organized storage under the stairs. And lastly--don't worry about your walls--They LOOK AWESOME with the beadboard--and probably feel really sexy without the underwear underneath!

  2. First of all I love your coral wall! So cute. Second I am so jealous of your amazing and organized storage!!! I have all my rubbermaids filled and I am patiently waiting for my dear hubby to build me some shelves. Well since it's been three years now maybe I'm not so patient anymore... anyway LOVE them and can't wait to show Dust exactly what he will be building.


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