January 25, 2011

Utah trip in review

It would be a shame if I didn't write a full post about our trip to Utah, it was really such an amazing week.
I'll do it in point form to make it an easier read. Some of the highlights were:

  • Seeing family I haven't seen in years. It is such a shame but it's just worked out that I haven't seen that side of my family in honestly about 15 years. I was able to introduce my Grandpa to my husband and my 2 boys and that was such a joy. I got to visit with 2 of my cousins and their kids and then spend an entire afternoon with my cousin Catherine. If her and I lived closer I think we would spend a lot of time together and have so much fun. We have a ridiculous amount of things in common and would just be able to enjoy each other. It was so great to spend time with her. My aunt and my cousin Jesse and his family came to Provo to see me when Neil was away with the van. It meant a lot to me that they would make the effort to come visit me. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit with them. I would love to see my extended family more and keep in touch better. It was so nice to reconnect and be reminded of the wonderful people I'm related to.

  • Spending time at temple square. It was so nice to take my little family to temple square and hopefully make some memories for Porter. He was thrilled to see the SLC temple and when we went to see the conference center he recognized it from TV and knew that's where Pres. Monson speaks. It was wonderful to be reminded of the heritage we have and the work that went in to bringing us the gospel today. If you would like to learn more visit here.

  • Staying with Jake and Steph. We are SO sad our friends have moved away. It was awesome to spend one last week with them and get to enjoy them before we had to part. They took great care of us and made us feel so comfortable in their apartment. It was great to help (not that we did much!) them settle in and see their place so now we can picture where they are while we are missing them so much! :(

  • Neil ended up having SO much more work than we thought he was going to - which was great because that really was the reason for the trip. It did cut into a few things (we didn't get to do a live session at the SLC temple, which I REALLY want to do! And we didn't get to see a few friends we were hoping to, sorry guys!) but it was awesome for him to meet with so many guys and to sign up a few new reps. It was definitely worth the trip down there. 

  • OBVIOUSLY the Guster concert. It was the perfect way to top off a great week. My head is still spinning about it. :) 

  • The roads and the kids. On the way down the roads were horrendous until the border and at one point I really wondered what we had gotten ourselves into! After the border they were awesome from there out, bone dry in most parts. The way home was the same, dry roads. I was SO grateful because I am a terribly nervous traveler. The boys (and Bailey on the way down there) did awesome! They slept, watched movies, sang songs, ate treats - were just plain terrific for the whole trip. 
It was such a great week and I just didn't feel right completely overlooking it. 

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