January 8, 2011

reading saves lives

I have been keeping all the children's books in the bedside table in the boy's room. That seems a likely place to keep books I thought - the only trouble being once you open one drawer the whole thing tips, sliding the other 2 drawers open which then topples the entire thing forward, pinning my unsuspecting child underneath. It's a serious death trap. For Christmas I asked for something to solve this problem and to prolong our children's lives. One evening at Toys R Us we happened upon this -

*cue those angels*

I picked it up and told Neil that's what he was surprising me with for Christmas. It wasn't actually much of a surprise since I saw it in the back of the van every time I opened it and I watched my man put it together for me Christmas Eve. But let me tell you when I woke up Christmas morning I was thrilled to see it sitting out with some new books for Porter tucked neatly inside. Not only does it match the rest of the woodgrain in their room, fit perfectly along the wall, store books in the open where Porter can get them - I haven't yet discovered a way my children can injure or impale themselves on it.

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  1. Michelle, I think I laugh out loud nearly every time I read your blog!


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