February 25, 2011

think pink

So kinda funny how the first FOTD I did I was all like ahh this is scary and just a few posts later I'm all "ppfff whatevs, I'll throw some pics of my mug up on the internet, no biggie!" I mean, I do walk around with this face all day every day, it's not a surprise to anyone. Anyway.

So - let's talk. For a while now I've been thinking I need to broaden my lipstick horizons. I'm a nude lip lover and I'm totally comfortable in red-lip-land so I decided I'd branch out to something a little different - PINK.

I've had
  • a matte pink lipstick
on my wish list for quite some time now and I finally got to cross it off with the purchases of MAC Snob and Lovelorn. I was looking for something not necessarily matte in formula, just not shimmery or frosty. Snob and Lovelorn both fit the bill.

In these photos I am wearing Snob which is a cool, pastel pink - Barbie pink I like to call it. Because I didn't want to actually look like Miss Mattel herself, I stayed away from any color on the eyes and paired the pink lip with a very soft, subtle eye - just a wash of light frosty color over the whole lid, followed up with heavy mascara.

I like the look, it's definitely something different but I don't feel that it is bold or unwearable. Snob's formula is a little drying (if you enlarge the photos you can see it slightly settling into the lines on my lips ..... (now why would I point that out?!?!) so I wouldn't be opposed to layering a gloss over it although it's nothing I can't handle on it's own. I'm digging the pink and find it a nice alternative to the frosty gloss or nude lip I usually wear.

Have you branched out and tried anything new lately?!


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  2. You are the prettiest thing I ever did see, and that's not too pink at all, I love it!

  3. You're so cute!

  4. Love that lip color...nice



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