March 18, 2011

beauty product must-haves

There are a few products I use that I just could not live without, or at least wouldn't want to live without. In my opinion these products are amazing and are an essential part of my routine. I thought I'd share them with you since they've brought me so much joy.

In no particular order....

MAC 224 Brush
This is a new addition to my brush collection and I. have. no. idea. how I lived without it. It is an amazing tool for blending out harsh lines and blending in general. I had been using my 217 for that job but pff, what a fool I was! This is a little bigger, much softer and fluffier and just does an amazing job, I can't say enough. I'm loving it!

Moroccan Oil
My friend Rachael first told me about this product and I have been using it ever since.You put it on while your hair is damp and it absorbs quickly, helping your hair dry faster and making it soft, smooth and shiny. I stopped using it last summer for a couple weeks and when I started again I fell in love with it all over again, I forgot how nice it made my hair feel. I switch up hair products often but this one remains constant. They have an original version and a light version for blondes - the product is exactly the same otherwise. It's a bit pricey but you only need a tiny pool each use and it lasts forever, plus it smells delicious.

Purple Shampoo
A must for every color treated blondie out there! When your hair starts to get a bit brassy looking you give it a wash with some purple shampoo and voila, all those cool ashy tones return and you've got bright blonde hair again. Don't use it too often or you'll definitely start looking a little grey. My mom taught me this trick when I was first highlighting my hair in junior high and I think it's a necessary part of upkeep. I'm using this brand now but think I'll find something different when this stuff runs out, it smells like an old lady. A nice old lady... but still.

Loreal Voluminous Mascara
What can I say? This is the best mascara out there. I have tried Clinique, Dior, MAC and many drugstore brands and I always come back to this (I know, why do I ever try anything else in the first place?) I have read many makeup gurus that swear by this product and I agree with them. It does start out a little gloppy, but give it a few uses and it will amaze you. Your lashes will be thicker, darker, longer and more amazing! I adore Voluminous.

Have you tried any of these products, can you agree with me? What are some of your must-haves?


  1. i swear by voluminous too. where do you buy the moroccan oil?? i neeeeeed some of that staff in a bad way. p.s. i'm loving you blog and all the tips!! you finally gave me the courage to trim my eyebrows. haha they look SO much better.

  2. I LOVE Moroccan Oil!! I first had to have it because of the smell, but it really works great on my hair. I actually just bought my second bottle yesterday after using it for a year.
    I'll have to try that mascara...I use Lancome Definicils w/ the CIL booster, but I'll bet the Loreal is cheaper!

  3. Janna - I get my Moroccan Oil at the salon I go to so check around in the salons. Chatters carries it for sure, I've seen it there before. I know some beauty supply stores carry it as well if you know anyone that can hook you up! You will love it! :)

    Emily - make sure you buy Voluminous at Wal Mart - lots of places carry it but it's always about $4 cheaper at Wal Mart!

  4. I thought of something I can share :) For blemishes Burt's Bees herbal blemishing stick. Works super fast and smells like licorice (which might be gross to some, but I love it.)


  6. Thanks for sharing these! I have stick-straight hair with little volume...will Moroccan Oil weigh it down?

  7. Erin - no, not at all! It's not a heavy, greasy oil - it seriously makes my hair so soft and smooth. You really only need a tiny bit though - run it through your ends and then work up with what's left. I stay away from my roots altogether. Also, make sure you get Moroccan Oil, not Argon Oil (a similar product out there (for cheaper)) because I did find that one to be heavy and greasy. I think you will love it! :)


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