March 21, 2011

H & M Jeans

I really like H & M. I think it's a fun trendy store with some unique pieces. I also really like their kids section and I've got my boys some darling things there for a good price. This past fall we bought 4 adorable pairs of jeans for Porter. I love them on him but I have to say I am really disappointed in the quality. It did not take long (like I said, we just bought them in September) before they started to wear out. Three of the 4 pairs now have some kind of hole or run in them.

This pair got a tiny slit on the thigh and within a couple days it had run and created a big ol' mess.

This pair wore from Porter stepping on the back of it and it took off from there. (And you can see it's getting thin on the bum there.)

*The third pair of jeans is outside playing in the snow so I didn't get a picture but the knee is completely worn out.*

This may look like normal wear and tear on a three year old boy's jeans but I can assure you it's not. Porter has other pairs of jeans and pants and none of them have worn like this. It's like these jeans are nylons and once they get a tiny bit worn they just unravel and run out of control. I think the style is adorable but I'm not impressed with the quality at all. I won't be purchasing H & M jeans for my boys again.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


  1. Seriously this just happened with Talan's jeans! The second time he wore them they got a little tear above his back pocket (really who wears out jeans in that spot and on the second time wearing them) then it just spread from there.

  2. I have bought quite a few pair for rylee and now for hailyn, and they have been amazing! Rylee wore hers tons and grew out of them and they still look new.
    Maybe girls are different than boys??

    I'm really loving their maternity section right now!

  3. I love, love, love H & M but have noticed that you get what you pay for. Their clothes are cheap (inexpensive) and cheap (poorly made) so I usually only buy that one trendy piece of clothing that I can't live without. I have bought church pants for the boys at h & m that have worn well (since they aren't "played" in) but usually I only buy Old Navy jeans for my boys. They fit well, are super adorable and wear really well. I stock up when they have their Black Friday sale and they are $5 a pair. Seriously my Fave!

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  5. Been there! I've noticed that they wear out so much faster than any other kind. So annoying!


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