March 15, 2011

a hairy post

I have always had straight hair but I am finding with each baby 
my hair is getting curlier and curlier. 
This is how it air dried with no scrunching product at all.
(I did soften the front with a straightener when it was dry.)

Has anyone else's baby-havin' done this to their hair?


  1. Mine got curlier at puberty, but started losing as I had my babies! Yours looks gorgeous though!!! You should wear it like this more!!

  2. mine did! but it's so long now it needs a little help to look nice.

  3. Having babies had the opposite effect on my hair. It went from really curly to wavy. I miss those curls!

  4. Good heavens, if I let my hair air-dry, no one would want to see that post. In fact, if I could choose only one item to bring with me on a trip, it would be a hair dryer and if there wasn't going to be electricity it would be a backcombing brush. You are dang lucky, I love your hair.

  5. I haven't but you look gorgeous.


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