March 16, 2011

look who is ONE!

It was one year ago today that this little gem joined my life.
Another BOY!

And look at him now!

 We celebrated a day early, this is the cake Porter and I made for his birthday.

Porter also added the candles!

Rigby's kind of making a strange face here but I love how big he looks in this picture, 
he is my big boy - almost 30 pounds!!

Eating some birthday cake! (Look at those eyelashes...)

Getting all cleaned up.

Happy Birthday son!


  1. Happy Birthday Rigby! What a special BIG boy! These pictures are so cute. You and Porter did a great job on the cake. Wish I could have been there for a piece!! Love to you all!!!!

  2. I can't believe he's one already!! That's so exciting!! I still remember getting your call from the hospital! I can't wait to live closer and hang out with that little guy more. And he really is a big boy! 30 pounds?!!! Eden is 5 and she's barely 32 lbs!! Happy Birthday Rigby!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Rigby. My 4 year old was 30 lb at 1 and now she is only 36. I love chunky babies.

  4. Happy Birthday cute little boy! I can't believe our babies are one! I am so excited to see you guys and your little boys! I love the cake! Especially the candles!! lol! He is so adorable!


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